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Our Favourite Summer Recipes

It's summertime! Let's keep our fingers crossed for some more sunshine.

It's time for mixing up delicious marinades, dusting off the barbecue and trying new salads. Below are some of our absolute favourite summer recipes; why not try something new?

Atkins  Potts BBQ Marinade and Ribs



How about trying our Smoky Barbecue Marinade with ribs, chicken wings or tofu.

You can also use our Barbecue Marinade as a dip, try mixing it with some sour cream for a creamy barbecue dip with nachos.

Add a dollop to some homemade pizza sauce for a lovely smoky flavour.


Atkins  Potts Coulis in Smoothies



Try using our Coulis in refreshing juices and smoothies.

Also drizzle our Coulis over fresh fruit salads for some added zing.

Our Coulis are delicious poured over desserts like cheesecake or panna cotta.




Atkins  Potts Honey  Mustard Dressing Potato Salad


Our Honey & Mustard Dressing makes a delicious addition to a potato salad.

Did you know any of our dressings can be used as marinades; Wasabi & Lime marinated salmon or Roast Garlic & Balsamic marinated vegetables are delicious.

You can also add our dressings to sandwiches, wraps and flatbreads. 


If you've got your own recipes and ideas we'd love to hear about them, do let us know!

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