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atkp brandAtkins and Potts

The Atkins and Potts products are made to the standard you'd expect from a fine dining restaurant. They are ready to serve and ready to cook products that you can enjoy when you don't have time to make these products yourself from scratch. They are made in small batches to kitchen cooking values.

At the heart of our food philosophy is the use of quality ingredients and natural colours and textures.

This brand was launched in 2005 and now has over 100 products spanning 22 ranges.    

relish brandRelish the Idea...

Also made by us, this is a contemporary range of chilli and savoury jams. They are based on a classic sweet jam recipe but made with a savoury ingredient - roast garlic, chipotle chilli or purple basil to name a few.

They are a great cook's ingredient and also a fabulous dip, spread and cheese partner. These are now only available in larger catering sizes.

This brand was launched in 2005.


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