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nicola and robertAt Atkins and Potts we pride ourselves on our kitchen cooking values. Nothing in our ranges is mass produced. Furthermore we ensure that all our products contain a high percentage of the key ingredients and not just token amounts.

Everything we produce is lovingly made in our Berkshire kitchen. We alone create the recipes and use the very best quality ingredients.

We’re constantly innovating. Our ranges contain classics, with a contemporary twist and we love to experiment with exciting new flavours and textures.

Atkins and Potts is a family owned business which creates and produces speciality food from our kitchens on the county border of Hampshire and Berkshire in England.

You’ll find we have an extensive range of products which have all been inspired by our own love of food.

The team of artisans in our kitchens take immense pride in their own work and have earned respect for the quality of the ingredients they use during production.

As a result all Atkins and Potts’ products contain lots of principal ingredients giving them a depth of taste which has become our signature. We hope you enjoy your experience.

Nicola & Robert Young - Owners

Nicola and RobertAbout Nicola and Robert

Nicola and Robert Young both come from farming families, and had both gone into the restaurant business before their tastes in good food and good company brought them together. They married in 2004 and introduced their first range of gourmet dressings in 2005. Since then Robert and Nicola have created some great classic recipes and some modern innovations, whether for family dining or home entertaining.

Nicola: We like nothing better than having people over for dinner: bringing old and new friends together, experimenting with menus, bringing in new flavours or adding an interesting twist to a well-loved classic.

Some friends said they’d love to host their own gourmet dinner parties but they just didn’t have the time to source and prepare all the ingredients. That’s when we got the idea for Inspired Dining: everything you need to create a gourmet dinner at home.

Robert: We both grew up on farms, which means we attach great importance to the ingredients that we use. Obviously, you can’t beat cooking from scratch. But we aim to make our products as close to home cooking style as possible. We see ourselves as family cooks rather than fancy chefs.

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